Executive Coaching is a vital tool for any organisation or businessperson seeking to maximise their potential - focusing on achieving clearly-defined goals, improving productivity and enhancing group dynamics.  It can bring a fundamental change in an individual's positive thinking and personal wellbeing, and have a huge impact on the bottom line.

David Taylor, of Positive Potential, is recognised as an Executive Coach with accreditation through the Institute of Executive Coaching, a widely known and well-respected trainer of Executive Coaches in Australasia. 

We coach leaders and managers on the best ways to re-think how they approach their roles, and set challenges for personal development.  

Our most popular services here include:

  • One-on-one executive coaching for business owners.
  • Face-to-face coaching and mentoring for board members, senior leaders and talented colleagues. This provides the valuable opportunity for participants to benefit from an individualised one-on-one programme to build capability, confidence, and effectiveness.
  • One-to-one 'Talent Programmes' and coaching for executives, business leaders and key staff - focussing on people development.