An insight into David - An article by Abigail Ireland

When I was asked by Abigail Ireland (MCIBS) to feature in her Higher State Magazine I was both excited and a little humbled.  I first met Abi when she was a participant on the Bank of Scotland Graduate Trainee Programme.  I have seen her develop and grow, professionally, and our careers crossed a second time when we both worked for Lloyds Bankin


Getting involved in governance with Motor Sport in New Zealand

Having a passion for something is great and when the opportunity comes along to help support an organisation that hosts your passion then it is one not to be missed!  

An abbridged extract from a media release is below:


Tony Quinn - An Interesting & Motivating Read

Having grown up in a wooden caravan in Scotland, it’s been a heck of a journey for a self-made millionaire and petrolhead who owns Darrell Lea Confectionery , two New Zealand Car Race Tracks and a mega-mansion on the Gold Coast. 

As Tony says, 'Where there's shite, there's money'. 


Storytelling - A Powerful Tool for Business

What is it that makes some leaders seem to have that natural ability to capture their audience, to get their message across, and for it to be remembered long after the event was held? The chances are that they used a simple but highly effective technique called "storytelling".


Achieving Excellence, Instilling Confidence

We are proud to be a part of a great team that strives for excellence.  

Through determined effort and a strong multi team approach, the Marlborough Primary Health Organisation has excelled in the latest round of Ministry Health Target results.