Bob Geldof and the horror of Ebola

I am a huge admirer of Bob Geldof and all he has done to raise awareness for those less fortunate than most of us. 

In the video clip he uses these powerful and emotive words to describe Ebola and its impact.


Building Capability

The New Zealand economy is growing strongly and is forecast to do so for the immediate term.  The effects of the Global Financial Crises are dissipating and businesses are returning to their pre-recession health.  The baby boomer generation is looking to make that move towards retirement and businesses are starting to change hands. Sometimes the


What our Principal gets up to for fun!

A car that spawned a deluge of playground jokes in Britain may be gaining kudos in Marlborough motoring circles.


Getting People Moving

Olivia Giles was working as a lawyer in Edinburgh when, in 2002, she caught meningococcal septicaemia. On what was an ordinary day she began to feel ill at work. She thought it was a very bad cold, but it was much more severe. The symptoms were in fact blood poisoning. Olivia’s condition deteriorated rapidly.


Extending Our Reach

Positive Potential has been active in Blenheim, Nelson, Christchurch & Wellington recently.    Activity has ranged from Advisory Board work through to Strategic support and Capability Investment Resource assessments for Ministry of Social Development funded Organisations.  Mentoring and Executive Coaching engagements, plus delivery of Skills